Bespoke [bih-spohk]: made to order; custom made.

Engage. Collaborate. Build.
We design jewelry.
100% Completely Unique To You.


Forge Your Experience

Unbranded. Innovative. Personal.
It all begins with an idea.



Technology guided.
Unrestricted. Streamlined. Straightforward.
New jewelry movement.


How It Works:


We believe that the perfect piece of jewelry doesn’t reside in a case at some retail store. It hasn’t been crafted and is waiting to be one-clicked online. It’s currently a thought, a wish; a crumpled page torn from a magazine, or pinned to a board somewhere. It’s personal, an idea rolling around waiting to be created.

From vintage inspired rings to charms, engagement rings to two-toned bands, putting a new spin on an old piece and everything in-between. The sky is the limit, what do you imagine? Let’s make it reality.

By utilizing technology, CAD and 3D Printing, we shape ideas, mold them; make what was once a thought into a physical representation…unique, unbranded.

Join the movement…#newjewelrymovement

Connect with us, this is where it begins.

Design It

CAD (Computer Aided Design)
Quick, efficient, changeable.

Print It

Our 3D printer makes a prototype for you. This only takes a couple of hours!

Forge It

Good to go?
Let’s cast your piece and finish it.

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