Bespoke [bih-spohk]: made to order; custom made.

Engage. Collaborate. Build.
We design jewelry.
100% Completely Unique To You.


Forge Your Experience

Unbranded. Innovative. Personal.
It all begins with an idea.



Technology guided.
Unrestricted. Streamlined. Straightforward.
New jewelry movement.


How It Works:


We believe that the perfect piece of jewelry doesn’t reside in a case at some retail store. It hasn’t been crafted and is waiting to be one-clicked online. It’s currently a thought, a wish; a crumpled page torn from a magazine, or pinned to a board somewhere. It’s personal, an idea rolling around waiting to be created.

By utilizing technology, CAD and 3D Printing, we shape ideas, mold them; make what was once a thought into a physical representation…unique, unbranded.

Join the movement…#newjewelrymovement

Connect with us, this is where it begins.

Design It

CAD (Computer Aided Design)
Quick, efficient, changeable.

Print It

Our 3D printer makes a prototype of your design for you to keep (yep, we’ll send it to you).

Forge It

Good to go?
Let’s cast your piece and finish it.

Ship It

Tortoise or hare. Tomorrow or in a month. When you’re ready. When you want it.

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